Our Mission

We develop new technologies and solve customer problems related combustion, propulsion and energy conversion. 

    1. Combustion is vital to powering our modern world and we are developing advanced combustion systems that operate on climate-friendly fuels.  
    2. Propulsion systems at all scales are developing rapidly and we are developing performance and operability analysis tools to support trade-off assessments and design of customized solutions
    3. Energy conversion technology relates to any system that converts energy from one form to another. We are focused on sustainable  conversion of a fuel to a flexible balance of heat and power and integrating with renewable forms of energy.
    4. Energy Storage will enable de-carbonization and fully utilize sources of renewable energy.

We leverage our 100+ years of collective R&D expertise in a broad range of aerothermal applications in power generation and propulsion sectors.

R&D Services

We deliver technology maturation through research and development across the full range of Technology Readiness levels. 

We address the needs of customers with innovation in areas spanning problem-solving, analysis, prototyping and validation.

  • Innovate novel solutions from concept through prototyping and validation. Our near-term focus is aerothermal devices such as small scale energy conversion and propulsion systems.
  • State-of-the-art aerothermal analysis including performance and operability assessments, using zero-D through full 3D Computation Fluid Dynamics , CFD, with steady or unsteady, and reacting or non-reacting simulations.
  • Proof-of-concept validation to mature our innovative solutions at a range of scales. We offer expertise in experimental design, data acquisition and data reduction, prototyping and conducting experiments.
  • Product Development, Commercialization & Product Management.