Novel propulsion systems with improved system performance

  • High speed air-breathing propulsion with pressure gain propulsion for supersonic-hypersonic flight.
  • Rocket propulsion with pressure gain propulsion for ultra compact, high thrust density.

Novel Combustion Systems with high performance and wide operability

  • Sizing and performance of pressure gain combustors customized to specific applications.
  • Design modifications to support carbon-neutral and carbon-free fuels.

Energy conversion systems to address climate challenge and renewable energy intermittency.

  • Carbon-free energy conversion including modular nuclear power.
  • Small-scale power for combined power and heat.

Energy Storage to maximize renewable utilization while addressing intermittency.

  • Short-term storage (days): electro-chemical, kinetic, potential.
  • Long-term storage (weeks/months): climate-friendly fuels including hydrogen.
  • Enabling technologies for energy storage via hydrogen, including H2 storage, handling, conveying and utlization.